Press echoes "Bonifatius - the musical"

“This production is among the best and boldest that the German musical scene currently has to offer.”, 08.06.2005

“Great, dramatic musical entertainment at its best”
musicals, issue 114, August/September 2005

“A success that it is hard to equal”
musical cocktail (Österreich), August/September2004

“This production does not need to shy away from comparison with musicals staged in Hamburg or Berlin”
Westdeutsche Zeitung (, 7.06.04

“A highly acclaimed triumph”
Weserkurier, 13.10. 2006

“The magnificent music by Dennis Martin is one of the best scores that German-made productions have yielded in recent years”
musicals, August/September 2005

“An important piece of church history presented as a freely produced musical – a light touch with much pathos”
“ The main roles are well-casted. The struggle of Good and evil, comic interludes and a dramatic end – that’s what a musical audience is looking for”
Main Echo, 5.06.04

“Regardless of their religion or confession every member of the audience can go home with the final message of the show in their minds – never lose faith in yourself”
blickpunkt musical, Juli-August 2005

“BONIFATIUS – the Musical” is a prime example of an excellent musical production of a larger scale “Made in Germany ”, 6.05.05

“It wouldn’t be surprising if “Bonifatius” soon went on tour“
Fuldaer Zeitung, 06.06.05

“The musical “Bonifatius” was vigorously applauded for over 10 minutes in the Fulda Schlosstheater”
“This musical touched the soul with full impact”
Lauterbacher Anzeiger, 07.06.05

“The multifaceted music, brimming with ideas ….captivated the audience”
“Both the actors and the producers received tremendous applause”
Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 5.06.04

“BONIFATIUS gave the audience that feeling of goose pimples that many contemporary musicals fail to evoke”
Da Capo No. 15, July 2005

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