Fulda Summer of Musical 2017

This year the revival of

The Physician - The Musical

will be performend in Fulda from 14th June to 27th August

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Musicalsommer Fulda

German Musical Theater Award 2016

Best musical Arrangement

At this year's presentation of the German musical theatre price 2016 the Fulda production

"The Physician"

received the trophy in the important category of "Best musical arrangement".

year charts of musical radio 2016

Great success for „Der Medicus“ and spotlight musicals in the yearly charts from Musical Radio

90108 wishes were cast on Musicalradio online in 2016.
412 musicals in 723 recordings were open for selection.

„Der Medicus“ got the 1st place in the following categories:
Favourite Musical (Germany)
Favourite Duett male/female („Wenn die Sterne mit uns sind“ „Der Medicus“)
Favourite Solo female („Kilmarnock“ from „Der Medicus“)
Favourite Finale („Es fühlt sich nach Heimant an“ from „Der Medicus“)

The other placings are interesting as well as many spotlight productions came off well.
For example „Das Herz dieser Stadt“ from „Der Medicus“ gained 2nd place in the male group songs.
„Ein Arzt in der Familie“ reached place 3 for female duetts.
In the categorie „Favourite Finale“ spotlight gained the first two spots. „Die Schatzinsel“ reached the 2nd place right behind „Der Medicus“.

Notable are also the Top 5 Favourite Musicals(Germany).
Spotlight gained a place with three of it's productions:
1st place „Der Medicus“,
3rd place „Die Schatzinsel“
5th place „Die Päpstin“.
The large-scale production „Aladin“ from stage entertainment gained 2nd place.

In the category „Favourite Musical Recordings (CD)“ the 2nd place was gained by „Der Medicus“
and the 5th by „Die Schatzinsel“.

In terms of favourite songs that were published on CD in 2016 spotlight contributes with three songs from the Top 5.
„Wenn die Sterne mit uns sind“ from „Der Medicus“ 2nd place,
„Kilmarnock“ from „Der Medicus“ 4th place
und „Es fühlt sich nach Heimat an“ from „Der Medicus“ 5th place.

Further information http://musicalradio.de/musicalradio-jahrescharts-2016

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